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One of our lovely patients wrote an article about the three generations of Moshman dentists (Howard, Stanley, and Andrew). She chronicles the history of Moshman Dental from when Dr. Howard Moshman opened the office in 1949 until today.

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New Technology at Moshman Dental in Brooklyn Heights: Digital Impressions

We believe that in order to stay at the forefront of dentistry we must always invest in new technology. This past summer (August 2016) we renovated our entire office. We placed new floors, new ceilings, new front desk, and updated the consultation room. We installed 5 new top- of- the-line Adec dental chairs with built-in piezoelectric scaling units. We already have been using digital X-rays, and updated to the newest, most accurate sensors.

Our latest technological addition is Trios 3Shape digital scanner. This will enable us to take impressions by means of digital scans, instead of using conventional impression materials. The digital impressions not only eliminate the gooey mess of a traditional dental impression, but result in a faster and more accurate result, and an overall more pleasant dental experience.

Continuing with the trend of updating the office, we are proud to introduce our newest piece of technology: The Trios 3Shape Digital Scanner. Read more