What are complete dentures?

A complete, or full denture, is a dental appliance for cases in which someone is missing all the teeth in their upper jaw or lower jaw, or both. It is not permanently attached, but can be removed at any time.

Why would I want a removable partial denture?

If all the teeth are missing on the top or bottom jaw, they can all be replaced with a single appliance. It restores lost function and esthetics that result from missing teeth. It is much less expensive than cemented bridges or implants.

Is this the best choice for tooth replacement?

While complete dentures are the most economical choice for replacing missing teeth, the most ideal treatment involves placing implants and using those to provide a fixed or “permanent” bridge that will stay in the mouth at all times.

Can I chew food with a full denture?

Yes. Complete dentures allow patients who have lost all of their teeth to chew food. However, a complete denture is not as effective for chewing as cemented bridges and implants. It is by nature removable, and may move up and down during eating. However, in some cases there are no teeth to support a bridge, and implants may not be an option, leaving a full denture as the best alternative.