Do you use film or digital xrays?

We use the most modern, up-to-date digital xrays and digital sensors. This gives us a higher diagnostic quality also to limits exposure when taking x-rays. We can also read the digital xray right away without having to develop the film. Another advantage of digital xrays is the ease in which we can submit insurance claims digitally for faster reimbursement! If a patient is referred to a specialist, sharing radiographs (with the patients permission) is just a simple click away.

How often do I need xrays?

Again, the answer to this questions will depend on your individual needs. A full set of xrays (18 exposures) will capture the entire mouth but is typically only needed every 5 years or so. Bitewing xrays that show cavities developing in between teeth that the dentist cannot see clinically are typically exposed 12-24 months.