Root Canals

Teeth have multiple components to them. There is an outer, enamel layer, an inner dentin layer and a nerve that runs through the very center of the tooth. A cavity forms when the enamel and dentin layers are weakened and bacteria in your mouth start entering the tooth. The treatment for a simple cavity is to remove the cavity and damaged tooth structure and replace it with a filling. However, if a cavity gets too big, it can travel beyond the enamel and dentin layers until it reaches the nerve. When this happens, the treatment is a root canal. A root canal is when we remove the nerve from inside the tooth.

Is the tooth taken out of my mouth?

No!! The tooth stays in the exact same place the entire time. Only the tiny nerve inside the tooth is removed.

Do root canals hurt?

There is generally no discomfort during the root canal procedure. We use the same numbing anesthesia that we use for routine fillings. You should be numb for the entirety of treatment and won’t feel a thing.

Why do people always say they hurt?

Very often a root canal is performed when a patient is already experiencing pain. For that reason, root canals area associated with discomfort. However, the root canal is actually the solution which will take the pain away.

What is a root canal?

A root canal is when the nerve is taken out of the tooth. The tooth is left exactly where it is in the mouth.