What are dental veneers?

Veneers are a highly cosmetic procedure that we use to give our patients the ideal smile that they desire. They are a minimally invasive procedure where we bond porcelain laminates to the teeth in order to improve their size, shape, color, and orientation.

What do veneers look like?

Check out our Smile Gallery for examples of veneers!

What does the process involve?

The first step for Veneers is to take photos and discuss what about your smile you’d like to improve. The next step is to study a hand sculpted model from the dental lab that looks just like the final veneers will on your teeth. This way we make sure that you will be very happy with the final outcome.

The veneers themselves take only two appointments to accomplish. During the first appointment we prepare your teeth and take an impression to send to the lab. During the next appointment, about 3 weeks later, we bond the permanent veneers and you leave with the smile you’ve always wanted.